Celebrating 200 years of Perfume Snobbery.

Atkinsons was established in London in 1799 by James Atkinson.
The fragrance house and its emblematic bear went on to become the official perfumer to
the Royal Court of England and to the most aristocratic and exclusive clientele worldwide.
Drawing on 200 years of English eccentricity, style and impeccable manners,
Atkinsons is now ushering in a new century of perfume snobbery.

Mint & Tonic Eau de Parfum

The burst of freshly crushed mint dissipates into a melodic breeze of floral and herbal-citrus notes.
Luminous mandarin, lime and ginger mingle with the delicate, earthy tones of musk and cedar wood.
A shimmering fragrance of freshness and sensuality that instantaneously stirs the optimism of summer.
Available in Douglas.

41 Burlington Arcade Eau de Parfum

Citrus fusion of lemon and grapefruit, white pepper, transparent flowers – Liquorice facets, cardamom, nutmeg, pimento – vetiver, smoke fusion of cedarwood, amber and musk

Named and dedicated to the new flagship at 41 Burlington Arcade, itself a contemporary ode to English refinement, the fragrance is the latest member of the historic Emblematic Collection.

Centred around Liquorice and the revelation of its sensual charms, darkly bittersweet and earthy tones have been sublimated with vivid notes of pink pepper from Reunion Island,West Indian Bay leaf from Dominica and Indonesian Patchouli. Floral transparent notes have been dialed up to deliver freshness and vivacity.
The fragrance’s daring individuality and unisex appeal perfectly encapsulates the eclectic spirit of today’s Mayfair.
Available in Douglas.

44 Gerrard Street Eau de Parfum

An unconventional blend of invigorating Eucalyptus, fresh Green Lemon and spicy Ginger essential oil – a flowery heart with refined Jasmine, bright notes of Orchid and Rose – a drydown with amber and woody notes

This charming cologne celebrates the location of Atkinsons 1799’s first store, the birthplace of their enviable products and product ethics, 44 Gerrard street.

44 Gerrard Street is a sophisticated, fresh fragrance that revises the classic cologne recipe and perfectly embodies Atkinsons’ ongoing efforts to create sustainable and environmentally responsible products.
Available in Douglas.

Tulipe Noire Eau de Parfum

Sophisticated and mystifyingly seductive, the renewed Tulipe Noire is the scent of divine love. This enchanting fragrance envelops its wearer with an exquisitely flawless and enchanting vapour that transcends time and space. Devoted to celebrating its predecessor, the new Tulipe Noire bravely combines the captivating essence of the archetype with exciting new elements. Notes of spicy, warm coriander and sparkling, fresh bergamot intertwine with a voluptuous white floral heart of precious jasmine and warm tuberose. The intoxicating cocktail culminates in an unsurpassable mesmerising blend. A triumphant sensuous accord of elegant ambrox, creamy sandalwood, warm cedar, and luminous musks, portray an extraordinarily intriguing trail. Tulipe Noire’s refreshing, woody, floral blend elegantly surpasses all expectations.
Available in Douglas.

Oud Save The King Eau de Parfum

Oud Save the King is as charismatic and extravagantly elegant as the glamorous Crown Prince who inspired it. Freshly infused earl grey bergamot and iris à la boutonnière brighten the majesty of oud, which is further exalted by the plushness of
suede and an exhilarating cortège of wood essences. A scintillating dialogue between the hieratic scents of England and the Orient, Oud Save the King is a fragrance of supreme
luxury, to be worn with straight-backed posture, stiff-upper lip and a most regal jauntiness and insouciance.
Available in Douglas.

Oud Save The Queen Eau de Parfum

A spirited Scheherezade of oriental charms and ever-so- English subtlety, Oud Save the Queen is as captivating as the Hollywood enchantress who inspired its creation. The beguiling aura of oud is femininely wreathed in exquisite white petals of Jasmine and Orange Blossom, and intriguingly sparkled with notes of Earl Grey Bergamot and clove.
A majestic fragrance of sublimely sovereign beauty, destined to adorn our most incandescent seductresses, our most precious
jewels of all-consuming and rapturous love.
Available in Douglas.

The Other Side of Oud Eau de Parfum

The house is proud to present a new and masterful interpretation of Prince Hussein’s unique vision in the enchanting fragrance, “The Other Side Of Oud”.

The Other side of Oud reveals the unexpected from oud. This fragrance explores the contrast between the roasted and fresh facets of oud.Inspired by the typical Cardamom Coffee from the Middle East, the Perfumers imagined this Oud as a wood infusion.

The spicy cocktail on top is staged as a surprising encounter between warm Cinnamon, fresh Cardamom and juicy Ginger. The heart reveals a blooming Oud blend with a bouquet of Geranium and Coffee Flowers. The sillage is as vibrant as roasted coffee and as mellow as vanilla absolute.
Available in Douglas.

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