A businesswoman leads her team in finding future prosperity.

Our strongest belief is that our story is about people working together to develop new insights and ideas that continuously add value to the concept of Beauty into our clients & customers’ lives, and universe. Our driving force is and always been determined by the boundless passion of what we do, and an uncompromising quest for knowledge of our forward-thinking team who continually evolve in their pursuit of excellence and professionalism.

It is this spirit that continue to shape our strategy of Leadership and Empowerment. We passionately and convincingly encourage our teams to explore new opportunities beyond traditional solutions. And while respecting conventional wisdom and practices, we strongly cultivated & implemented the culture to build on established knowledge and experience in a profound & creative ways.

Marketing Team
Brand Managers, Media & Communication Manager, PR & Digital Manager, Trade Marketing Managers, Operational Support, Trainers
Sales Team
Key Accounts, Sales Representatives, Promoters/ Make up artists, Beauty Consultants
Support Function
IT, HR, Accountancy&Finance, Logistics, Warehousing
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