8 things you have to know about your favourite perfume

Fragrances have been used since ancient times, especially by noblemen. These essences gave the bearer a privileged status. His or her parfum was a sign of his noble rank.
At first, fragranced essences made from natural ingredients were thought to have healing powers, removing the impurities from the surface of the skin.
As the time went by, perfumes have become a basic accessory for any woman. The essences worn by ladies have been associated with the seductive power.
Nowadays, fragrances are as important for women as they are for men and they became a part of our daily routine.

The fragrance not only has the role of completing our look, but is capable of inducing a good feeling to the wearer, giving him a personal olfactory signature.
Before leaving the house, we make sure we’ ve completed our look by adding a few drops of our favourite fragrance in some major essential points of our body. But …do you really know how to apply your perfume so you can truly enjoy its’ properties?

1.To create a head-turning olfactory signature you need to pulverize a reasonable amount of essence where the pulse is more intense- the wrist, the inner part of the elbow, behind the ears. This way, its’ flavor will pulse at the same time with your heartbeat, spreading all over around you. If you want your fragrance to envelop you in a radiant aura, you can apply a few drops on the inner part of your knee.

2. When you choose your fragrance, apply a small amount on the skin and wait a few minutes to see how the flavour evolves and adapts to your skin.

3. You’ve probably heard more than once the term “olfactory pyramid”, but you haven’t understood to well what it is was all about. Well, the fragrance’s ingredients are places in 3 olfactory levels- top notes, middle nootes and base notes. The top notes build the flavor you’re feeling in the first minutes from the application. The middle notes release gradually and stay on the skin for a few hours and the base notes are the ones that you enjoy even at the end of the day.

4. Depending on the natural ingredients it is composed of, the fragrance can fit in one of the following main olfactory families: citrus, floral, fruity, oriental, woody, aromatic. So, if you have fallen in love with an oriental fragrance, from now on you will know that it is composed from vanilla or spices.

5. Where do you keep your favourite fragrance?
Probably your answer would be :” on the dressing table” ,”in the closet”, „ in the bathroom” , „in the drawer”. Wrong answer! Humidity, strong light or heat affect the quality of your perfume. We offer you a tip which can seem a little strange: keep your favourite fragrance in the bottom side of the fridge! That way, it won’t loose his quality and you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

6. Why does a frangrance does not smell the same on me as it smells on somebody else?
We are sure that you have been through this before. You’ ve instantly fell in love with the perfume your friend was wearing, so you went to the store to buy it, thinking that it will fit you as well as it fit her. But, when you applied it on your skin, it seemed a completely different perfume. You’ ve looked once again to the bottle to make sure it is the same product. Yes, it is the same. However, the smell was completely distinct. You should find out that a fragrance adapts to the wearer’s skin, so it will almost never smell the same on everybody. The way it smells depends on the PH of your skin and also by the way you eat, by the amount of hydration of your skin and even by the way you are feeling in that moment.

7. It does not lasts on my skin
We are sure that you’ve gone through this too. The fragrance you’ ve fallen in love with, the one you were ready to buy disapointed you by not lasting on your skin as much as you wished. This thing doesn’ depend on the quality, as you probably thought, but of the same factors we’ve mentioned previously. However, if you love it so much and you just can’t let it go, we offer you a tip by which you will achieve a longer persistence. Before spraying your favourite fragrance on the skin, use a body lotion from the same range. It will intensify the flavour and the persistence of your object of desire.

8. The tester (from the store) does not smell the same as the product
Nothing could be more untrue. The tester you find on the shelves in the retailers store have the same composition as the product itself. The differences you may feel when you are comparing the two items are due to the environment. Testers are exposed to the light and the heat in the store and, by this, the smell can change. The actual product is hold into a box that protects the fragrance from the harmful factors and keeps the original features of the essence.

Now that you have found out the ‘essentials’ about the universe of parfums, you are ready to choose the perfect fragrance for you, knowing all the informations you need.

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