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A more natural scent, a more modern decline of the iconic eau de toilette launched in 1991. A fragrance inspired by the intensity of bamboo and the serenity of the sea breeze. For a beautiful world.

KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Intense is a new olfactory variation: a woody marine eau de toilette. The freshness of the pink pepper combined with the marine accord open the way to the notes of fig wood and sandalwood, evoking the sensation of the skin shrouded in salt and warmed by the sun.

The blue bamboo bottle is created to minimize the impact on the environment. It is a symbol of the new masculinity: flexible and strong at the same time. It evokes the fresh marine facet of the perfume, and the bamboo evokes the wooden facet and the cut of the katana sword used by the samurai.

The bottle is designed to reduce plastic consumption by 34%. It is made up of 10% recycled glass, and the amount of glass used has been reduced by 23% for the 110 ml bottle.

Le Rouge Sheer Velvet embodies all the modernity and elegance of the Givenchy House.
Like a precious fashion accessory, it is dressed in a rosewood velvet case, reflecting its matte and sensory finish. Sporting the Givenchy logo and the iconic 4G, Le Rouge Sheer Velvet mirrors the aesthetic codes of the House to better claim its Couture heritage.
Le Rouge Sheer Velvet boasts a sensory, lightweight texture, providing 12-hour hold and comfort. Le Rouge Sheer Velvet leaves a veil of endlessly buildable pigments with a blurring effect. The more layers you apply, the more vibrant the matte colour becomes.
High-technology pigments provide it with a custom colour intensity. Cutting-edge waxes create a supple, even film, while a brand-new powder strengthens the vibrant and blurring effect of each shade. Lastly, a complex enriched with wild mango butter keeps lips hydrated for 24 hours.

 Ferragamo Spicy Leather is a leather aromatic woody creation rich with captivating notes that engage and energize all senses. A touch of golden brightness opens the fragrance as the fluid accord of Saffron fuses with the citrusy freshness of Bergamot and Lemon. Then the complex, multi-faceted soul of Black Pepper jazzes up the heart blending with the spicy and woody notes of Nutmeg and Cedarwood together with powerful aromatic Clary Sage. In this mysterious journey, mellowed by the deep creamy pleasure of Patchouli and Sandalwood, the blend finally releases its distinctive Ferragamo Leather accord.

Nature embraces mankind in a search for uniqueness. The new fragrance Secret Woods evokes a still landscape of virgin forests, woods and flora where you can live in the silence and admire nature’s majesty and perfect harmony.

A fizzy citrus jolt of grapefruit meets the energizing notes of bergamot accord, producing a breath of fresh air to awaken the senses. With its intriguingly woody shades, a gentle aromatic scent of juniper introduces the heart of this vibrant adventure. The captivating notes of nutmeg melt with precious saffron, which reveals an absolute inner richness. The mysterious underwood enchants with a fascinating vitality. Deep notes of styrax resinoid link with creamy sandalwood, patchouli woody accents and slightly wet inflections and leather sensuality. The telluric strength of vetiver recalls the deepest roots: an ancestral sense of freedom explodes.

A new chapter is opening up and playing with fire. With the Eau de Parfum Rouge, L’Interdit arouses and burns with incandescent sensuality. It is not about resisting it but giving in to it.

L’Interdit disconcerts with its sensual, ravaging thrill. It is no longer an addiction. It’s an obsession.

This fragrance pays tribute to an iconic colour of L’Interdit, red, which burns from within the bottle. Suffused with light, it seems to catch fire. A burning red accord with heightened sensuality infuses the fragrance.

The original floral bouquet is taken over by the heat of a tangy blood orange. The latter’s explosive notes galvanise the aphrodisiac accents of ginger with a burst of freshness. The vibrant composition is set alight in an ultimate fusion with the pimento leaf and releases a sensual, utterly seductive, spicy accord.

The story of silk is being told through the the sense of smell. An anthology of perfumes that embodies the sensory nature of the finest materials, combined with the spectacular spectacular landscapes populated by giant animals, rare birds and exotic plants.

Four fragrances that can be worn individually or combined for a personalized accent.

Giardini di Seta, a garden of dreams that vibrates on floral accords.

Giungle di Seta, the exotic vibe of the jungle transposed on floral green notes.

Savane di Seta, the warmth of the savanna reproduced with the help of floral and citrus notes.

Oceani di Seta, the depth of the ocean meets the floral accords.

Redder. More gourmand. More delicious.

Following the footsteps of Nina Rouge, today Nina Ricci is revealing a brand-new tantalising jus, explicitly intense: Nina Extra Rouge, an indulgent celebration of superlatives, whose intense floral accord is cocooned in the most appetising notes imaginable. What makes it so audacious? It takes gourmandise to heady new heights, serving up an extra-large helping of indulgence.

Flaunting an iconic apple-shaped silhouette, the globally acclaimed red Nina bottle certainly needs no introduction.
For Nina Extra Rouge, it has been dressed from top to toe in all-encompassing swathes of velvety red… including the middle that appears to have been crunched. An audacious choice. A generous cloak of red… veiling an abundance of yet more red!

EXTRA-vagant, EXTRA-verted, EXTRA-gourmand

Exuding an intensely gourmand oriental floral scent, Nina Extra Rouge opens with a green top note of blackcurrant, which underscores the acidic freshness of raspberry and the vivacious energy of bitter-sweet grapefruit. The fragrance then proceeds to reveal its floral middle notes, which blend the delicate scent of rosebuds with the lightly spiced notes of tea, setting the stage for the delectably irresistible sensuality of the vanilla and praline base

This bright perfume renews the invitation to spontaneity initiated by the eau de parfum in 2020 and encourages you to go even further. The magnetic attraction of IRRESISTIBLE GIVENCHY is inimitable. A concentrate of pure seduction, this perfume captivates, galvanizes, unites … and is doubled by the liberating breeze of a crystalline laugh. Let’s Dance!

This fragrance focuses on the essence of the Damascena LMR rose. Underlined by a fresh accent of rose water ©, it becomes crystalline and aerated. Combined with the elegant note of iris, the rose acquires texture and is carried on through the exceptional arrangements of blackcurrant buds.

When the naturalness of the floral bouquet meets the wood veneer of Virginia cedar, the supreme fusion with the note of white musk produces a soothing effect of “second skin”.

CoSTUME NATIONAL HOMME Parfum expresses the brand DNA through its essential elegance, the absolute purity of raw materials and the unique and sophisticated Made in Italy design.

The metropolitan and cosmopolitan soul of CoSTUME NATIONAL HOMME Parfum exudes perfection in a refined style. A perfect balance between a creative avant-garde approach and the purity of modern lines, in a sensual harmony. CoSTUME NATIONAL HOMME Parfum colour code is the perfect fusion of two opposites – black and white. Absolute perfection and elegance.

CoSTUME NATIONAL HOMME Parfum contains absolute quality raw materials, in a very high concentration, similar to an extrait de parfum. The freshness of citrus notes of grapefruit and bergamot oil blends in a perfect accord with spicy nuances of cardamom extract LMR*. In the heart, the intensity of cinnamon LMR* combines with a trio of vetivers extract LMR*, sweetened by delicate notes of patchouli oil LMR*. In the dry down, a woody cocktail of musks, sandalwood and labdanum cyst LMR* amplifies the depth of the fragrance by drawing a warm accent.

“Prisme” for its ability to diffract the light in all different dimensions and “Libre” for its ultra-natural finish and lightweight texture which lets the skin live and breathe. Featuring four loose powders, Prisme Libre enhances and perfects any complexion whilst blurring imperfections – a true Couture creation in its Givenchy signature case.

A hybrid foundation which takes makeup to new heights thanks to its formula containing 90% skincare ingredients. Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow leaves a transparent and luminous dewy finish, while acting on the skin’s hydration, radiance and overall quality. This cutting-edge formula that combines the best of makeup and skincare is made up of 97% ingredients of natural origin* to boost radiance and let the skin breathe for maximum glow.

* Formula containing 97% ingredients of natural origin. In accordance with

the ISO 16128 standard, Parts 1 and 2, the remaining 3% help preserve the

formula over time and maximise its sensory texture.




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