BEIGIC Treatment Essence is a vegan water essence that replenishes moisture and helps alleviate dryness in the first step of skincare. The vegan peptide complex, centered around green coffee bean oil, cares for the skin and strengthens it from the foundation.
Intensely hydrating from within : Our refreshing water essence, enriched with Green Coffee Bean Oil and botanical ingredients, delivers refreshing hydration that cares for dryness and soothes the skin.
Smooth and healthy skin texture : With six vegan peptides, including Coffee Bean Peptide as the key ingredient, it naturally cares for dead skin cells and smoothes the skin texture, while balancing the moisture levels for a vibrant and revitalized complexion.
Radiant and luminous skin : Featuring the brightening functional ingredient Niacinamide, it brightens and clarifies the skin tone, while extracts of Freesia Flower and Chamomile provide a radiant glow to dull-looking skin.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


This mask is made with coffee bean powder to care for pores and skin texture, and to give your skin a radiant tone.
Gentle exfoliation with coffee powder : The finely ground coffee bean powder helps to smooth out the skin texture, while the green coffee bean oil is added to provide a smooth and moisturized skin without tightness or dryness.
Mild deep cleansing : The sucrose ingredient helps to deeply cleanse the pores by removing impurities and residual makeup, leaving the skin moist and deeply cleansed.
Radiant and healthy skin tone : With the radiance of coconut oil and green coffee bean oil, it provides a moisturizing finish, brightening the dull skin tone and giving you a glowing complexion.
Experience the captivating essence of freshly brewed coffee with its deep and aromatic fragrance.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


Try using it for night care or as a makeup base to recharge your skin and achieve a moisturized, elastic, and smooth complexion. It provides long-lasting hydration, as if enveloping your skin in moisture, and you will notice improvement in your skin’s texture.
Intensive hydration and elasticity care : The combination of Acacia Peptide and Green Coffee Bean activates moisture supply, preventing moisture loss and transforming your skin into a perfectly hydrated and plump state.
A close-fitting texture full of moisture : The firm and highly moisturizing texture provides concentrated moisture and nutrients. Even during mask time, it won’t easily dry out, allowing for a long period of relaxation.
Comfortable and luxurious homecare : Whether it’s a night when you want to recharge your skin or a morning when you need a boost of vitality before makeup, you can always enjoy convenient daily care.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


Experience the comfort of a gentle vegan cream that delicately blends plant-based ingredients to increase moisture density without clogging pores with silicone. This cream allows for a comfortable skin experience all day long, even when wearing makeup, as it does not feel heavy or greasy.
Comfortable daily care : Carefully blended with plant-based ingredients, it increases moisture density and provides soothing care with Madecassoside for the skin.
Non-greasy moisture cream : It has a lightweight texture that absorbs easily, leaving the skin moisturized and smooth, making it an excellent base for makeup without any residue.
Natural moisture barrier : Green coffee bean oil provides deep hydration that can help relieve dryness in the skin, forming a protective moisture barrier.
Experience the refreshing aroma of sage flower and lemon zest essential oils.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


BEIGIC Lucent Oil is a vegan face oil that brightens the skin tone with the effective ingredients of green coffee bean oil and 11 plant-based oils. The refreshing oil serum formulation is suitable for use throughout the year, in all seasons.
Radiance that emanates from within : Infused with a green coffee bean oil complex focused on glow energy, Lucent Oil fills the skin’s moisture barrier, providing a subtle and luminous glow.
Refreshing hydration and elasticity : Experience the volumizing effect of moisture with BEIGIC’s unique blend of oils. Camellia oil, rich in fatty acids, and squalane provide a resilient and firm elasticity to the skin.
Refreshing and non-greasy moisture : Blending 11 plant-based vegan oils, this oil serum has a non-greasy texture that absorbs refreshingly. With continued use, it strengthens the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, maintaining comfortable and hydrated skin.
Experience the SPA like BEIGIC scent : an exquisite blend of botanical essential oils including Bergamot, Geranium flower, Orange peel, and Eucalyptus. This spa-like natural fragrance helps create a serene atmosphere, allowing you to relax and fully indulge in your skincare ritual.
100% Vegan (verified by Vegan Society) & Cruelty-Free.

Free of artificial fragances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


BEIGIC Aromatic Face Cleanser is a pH balanced vegan gel cleanser that offers a complete sensory experience of cleansing, enriched with botanical essential oils. It effectively removes impurities and light makeup, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. The mild and silky gel formulation ensures that your skin is protected from drying out during the cleansing process.
As the very first step of the skincare routine, cleansing is a crucial step for maintaining healthy and fresh skin. For optimal skin condition, start with a gentle cleanser that leaves your skin moisturized even after cleansing.

Hydrating cleansing therapy
Non-drying, moisturizing skincare : With a dense foam infused with plant-based moisturizing ingredients and hyaluronic acid, it replenishes moisture during cleansing, providing a non-drying and moisturized feeling to the skin even after rinsing.
Gentle and mild acidic formula for balanced skin : Meticulously formulated with a gentle and mildly acidic formula to maintain the skin’s pH balance, it keeps the essential moisture intact while effectively removing excessive sebum and daily residue from the skin. *pH 5+- within the mild acidic range
Botanical Aroma Therapy : Blended with essential oils of bergamot, rosemary leaf, and mugwort, the refreshing scent creates a refreshing and rejuvenating experience from foaming to cleansing.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free.


You can use it without worrying about dryness caused by frequent cleansing, as it contains moisturizing ingredients used in facial care. Experience abundant hydration and the refreshing scent of bergamot base to the fullest.
Abundant moisture with hyaluronic acid : Hyaluronic acid and baobab seed extract provide long-lasting moisture and hydration to your hands even after cleansing.
Gentle foam with natural ingredients : The gentle foam created by soap bark extract cleanses your hands smoothly, while green coffee bean oil helps maintain moisture for an extended period.
Refreshing hydration that lasts : The comforting aroma of lavender and mandarin, delicately touching your hands, helps you relax and recharge for the day ahead, leaving your hands moisturized and refreshed.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


This vegan hand cream features a delicate citrus floral fragrance blended with essential oils of bergamot, mandarin fruit, and sage.
Starting with the sunny citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin fruit, enhanced by the natural depth of the sage flower, it leaves a delicate lasting scent. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing citrus floral fragrance that gently spreads, adding a touch of vitality to your everyday life.

The creamy balm velvet texture is dense yet non-greasy, allowing it to be easily absorbed into the skin. It provides care not only to the skin but also to the cuticles, enhancing the elasticity and radiance of the skin texture.

Texture : Velvet-like creamy balm formula
Scent : Refreshing citrus floral fragrance
Feel : Smooth and non-sticky moisturizing sensation
Function : Certified wrinkle-improving functionality
Key Ingredients : Shea Butter, Green Coffee Bean Oil, Camellia Extract, Caffeine, Panthenol
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


Experience the soothing botanical wood aroma and moisturizing oil gel formula brought by 7 plant-based essential oils.
Patchouli, Bergamot fruit & Juniper : A refreshing and soothing scent, complemented by a soft earthy note, creates a comfortable shower time experience. Beigic’s unique blend of pure essential oils, excluding artificial fragrances, in their Relaxing Aroma Shower, wraps your entire body in a refreshing botanical aroma, offering a relaxing shower time. It can be used as a body wash and bubble bath.
The moisturizing oil-gel formula contains seven plant-based oils, including Green Coffee Bean Oil, providing long-lasting moisture and rich, gentle foam that leaves your skin hydrated, smooth, and nourished even after cleansing.
With Beigic’s vegan recipe that carefully excludes sulfates, the gentle and safe cleansing formula ensures a worry-free cleansing experience, allowing you to enjoy the best cleansing results.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


This scrub contains mild sea salt that effectively cleanses the stubborn dead skin cells, excess oil, and residue on the scalp, which are difficult to remove with regular shampoo. You can feel your hair rejuvenating, strand by strand, from the roots.
Refreshing the scalp with a cooling sensation : The sea salt gently removes stubborn scalp impurities without being harsh, while the mint menthol provides a cooling effect and cares for a refreshed scalp.
Deep cleansing for a healthy scalp : Combining the benefits of a scrub and shampoo in one, it deeply cleanses the scalp and hair, removing accumulated impurities, transforming them into healthy and resilient hair.
Experience naturally voluminous hair : With the healthy shine provided by green coffee bean oil, and enjoy the revived volume from the roots.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.


Plant-based oil ingredients penetrate deep into the hair, providing care for a soft and smooth texture. Enjoy the increasing strength and shine of your hair as you continue to use it.
Intensely moisturizing from within : The moisturizing power of Argan oil and Tocopherol penetrates deep into the hair, providing care for healthy and soft strands.
Luminous shine and hydration : For dry and static-prone hair, generously apply the treatment to infuse moisture. Panthenol forms a protective moisture barrier on the rough hair surface, keeping it hydrated.
Silky soft hair : Infused with the moisturizing properties of Green Coffee Bean oil, it gently transforms dull and lifeless hair, leaving it smooth and revitalized from root to tip.
Indulge in the deeply moisturizing properties of the soft, pinkish creamy texture, while enjoying the refreshing natural scent of geranium flowers, making your hair care routine a delightful experience.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, silicones, parabens & sulfates.

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