Trussardi Levriero Collection

Style as a necessity and elegance expressed through a constant search for beauty, virtue and truth: this is the magic of Trussardi, a historic Italian brand.

 To celebrate 100 years of successes, it launched two new olfactory creations in 2011 inspired by the iconic fragrances of the 1980s: Trussardi Donna and Trussardi Uomo. The love story between a man and a woman which deals with the duality that tears apart our inner being: our inner soul and our animal side.

Elegant and distinguished, these human beings cross each other way and brush each other. They are looking for each other as well as they run away one from the other…A play of opposites which attract each ther until they fuse. A man destined to a woman. The masculine  is represented by black. The white embodies the feminine. The story continues with the limited edition, Levriero collection.

The concept remained the same, but the aromas and the concentration have been intensified. The bottles and the packaging are unique, just as two works of art in miniature.

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