The new Irresistible Givenchy Eau de Toilette

This bright perfume renews the invitation to spontaneity initiated by the eau de parfum in 2020 and encourages you to go even further. The magnetic attraction of IRRESISTIBLE GIVENCHY is inimitable. A concentrate of pure seduction, this perfume captivates, galvanizes, unites … and is doubled by the liberating breeze of a crystalline laugh. Let’s Dance!

This fragrance focuses on the essence of the Damascena LMR rose. Underlined by a fresh accent of rose water ©, it becomes crystalline and aerated. Combined with the elegant note of iris, the rose acquires texture and is carried on through the exceptional arrangements of blackcurrant buds.

When the naturalness of the floral bouquet meets the wood veneer of Virginia cedar, the supreme fusion with the note of white musk produces a soothing effect of “second skin”.

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