Functioning as two individual parts of a whole, the fragrance bottles and packaging for the LA FEMME PRADA and L’HOMME PRADA fragrance range are complimentary rather than contrasted.

Utilizing the classical, symbolic language of the house, LA FEMME PRADA INTENSE is characterized by the highlighting of precise elements according to texture and palette. The intensity of the fragrance is achieved by magnifying the notes at the heart of its composition: the Tuberose base is multiplied, while abundant doses of Ylang-Ylang are further enhanced by the introduction of Patchouli.

L’HOMME PRADA INTENSE multiplies the idea of a binary dialogue between ingredients. Intense Amber and Patchouli notes cross paths with the refinement of Iris, while the introduction of Tonka Beans brings an airy, oriental dimension to the top end. With its copious accords, this dynamic masculine fragrance rejects the clichés of fixed categories, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the Prada man.

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