Nina Extra Rouge Nina Ricci

Redder. More gourmand. More delicious.

Following the footsteps of Nina Rouge, today Nina Ricci is revealing a brand-new tantalising jus, explicitly intense: Nina Extra Rouge, an indulgent celebration of superlatives, whose intense floral accord is cocooned in the most appetising notes imaginable. What makes it so audacious? It takes gourmandise to heady new heights, serving up an extra-large helping of indulgence.

Flaunting an iconic apple-shaped silhouette, the globally acclaimed red Nina bottle certainly needs no introduction.
For Nina Extra Rouge, it has been dressed from top to toe in all-encompassing swathes of velvety red… including the middle that appears to have been crunched. An audacious choice. A generous cloak of red… veiling an abundance of yet more red!

EXTRA-vagant, EXTRA-verted, EXTRA-gourmand

Exuding an intensely gourmand oriental floral scent, Nina Extra Rouge opens with a green top note of blackcurrant, which underscores the acidic freshness of raspberry and the vivacious energy of bitter-sweet grapefruit. The fragrance then proceeds to reveal its floral middle notes, which blend the delicate scent of rosebuds with the lightly spiced notes of tea, setting the stage for the delectably irresistible sensuality of the vanilla and praline base

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