The Moschino Toy2 Bubble Gum fragrance relieves the spirit from negative thoughts, envelops the body and stimulates the mind. Fun, outgoing and playful notes explore the nuances of her majesty the rose, invoking the delicate scent of the ironic and iconic bubble gum, from which the fragrance takes its name.

Toy 2 Bubble Gum, the new fragrance from Moschino is encased in the iconic shape of a teddy bear.
A fragrance that stands out. Moschino Toy 2 Bubble Gum shows off the fun side of the scent and adds pop vibes to the pink narrative.
An essence ignited by vivacious bubble gum notes, both sweet, spicy and intense. Candied citrus come together with succulent peach and spices, plunging into a cocktail of elegant woods and musk.

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