L’Interdit family welcomes a new olfactive variation

An enchanting Eau de Toilette continues the story of L’Interdit in 2022. The ravishing opus reveals a deeply addictive sensual thrill. This new variation opens with the immediate radiant freshness of a citrus trio – bergamot, orange and mandarin – electrified by fusing ginger.

Then, L’Interdit’s olfactory signature, orange blossom, unfurls all its splendour and reveals its four facets, from the lightest to the most intense. When blended with bewitching tuberose and hypnotic sambac and grandiflorum jasmine, it becomes the promise of an exhilarating thrill.

To finish, the fragrance unveils deep, sensual notes of voluptuous musk hinted with leathery cistus. These encircle L’Interdit’s iconic underground black accord, where the captivating notes of patchouli and vetiver intertwine. The distinctly carnal fragrance embraces and envelops the skin.

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