A new chapter is opening up and playing with fire. With the Eau de Parfum Rouge, L’Interdit arouses and burns with incandescent sensuality. It is not about resisting it but giving in to it.

L’Interdit disconcerts with its sensual, ravaging thrill. It is no longer an addiction. It’s an obsession.

This fragrance pays tribute to an iconic colour of L’Interdit, red, which burns from within the bottle. Suffused with light, it seems to catch fire. A burning red accord with heightened sensuality infuses the fragrance.

The original floral bouquet is taken over by the heat of a tangy blood orange. The latter’s explosive notes galvanise the aphrodisiac accents of ginger with a burst of freshness. The vibrant composition is set alight in an ultimate fusion with the pimento leaf and releases a sensual, utterly seductive, spicy accord.

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