Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Parfum Reserve Privee

Gentleman Givenchy is always where you expect him to be. A feature highlighted by a new variation revealed now  by the brand: Gentleman Givenchy Réserve Privée

the inspiration for this new fragrance is the world of drinks and more specifically by that of exceptional whiskey.

A gentle amber floral scent, Gentleman Givenchy Réserve Privée is composed of high quality ingredients. What makes it captivating is the duality between whiskey and iris absolute, the emblematic ingredient of Gentleman Givenchy line.

The first notes from Gentleman Givenchy Réserve Privée are extremely promising. Coriander and bergamot seeds create a fresh, aromatic accord that embrace the warm sensuality of the middle notes: the iris with woody, powdery accents combines with the sweet accord of Siam benzoin and chestnut to emphasize the amber facets of the whiskey absolute. The entire olfactory experience ends with an intense accent in which the essences of cedar, vetiver and patchouli combine and are complemented by a balsamic note: the evocation of woody, amber notes are reminiscent of the olfactory notes of old barrels in which exceptional whiskey is preserved and acquires the value offered by the passage of time.

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