First of all, you don’t have to be a make-up specialist to know a few beauty secrets. Women turn to make-up artist to look perfect. Make-up artist sculpt their faces and highlight their features. Those artists of colours and brushes became a symbol of the beauty field, turning into any woman’s best friend when it comes to a special occasion. If you are invited to a special event, you need to go to a make up artist to obtain a spectacular look, but what if you could learn some essential tricks to use in your day-to-day make-up?

This post will focus on….THE FOUNDATION and THE POWDER.

What we will tell now it may seem odd to you, but THE FIRST STEP in obtaining a perfect day or night make-up is skin care. Before applying your favourite make-up products it is absolutely necessary to deeply clean your skin. You can do this by rubbing your skin with make-up remover or by applying a special toner. Then, it comes the part in which you apply a moisturizing cream as a base for the foundation. During the day, your skin may dehydrate over the action of environmental factors, determining your make-up to lose its’ resistance or highlighting the fine lines around your eyes and lips.

THE SECOND STEP- Applying the foundation. The foundation is the key to a perfect make-up. Of course, you probably know that there are several methods of applying it- by the beauty blender, by the foundation brush or with your fingers. No matter what way you choose, there is something very important: you should apply it with delicate movements, by gently taping the skin in order to avoid the skin aggression.
Tip: When you want to purchase a foundation that you’ ve never tested before, apply a small amount of product on your jaw line to see if it is the proper colour.
If you have to choose between a darker shade and a light one, choose the second. A lighter shade can be mixed with some other product to get the right colour. Also, a lighter shade can be covered with a bronzer.

Before using the foundation, shake the bottle in order to uniformize the texture and the colour.
Surely you noticed how a while after opening it, the foundation gets darker or changes its texture. This process is called oxidation and happens because we forget to seal the bottle after we use it. By doing this, you can prevent the oxidation process and you can be sure that the foundation will keep its’ properties intact.

After applying the foundation, you need a powder. It has the role to secure the foundation. You have to apply a small amount of it, starting with the T zone, using ample, circular movements.However, if your skin is oilly and through the day it gets shiny within the T zone (forehead, nose, chin), use a napkin to remove the excess oil. This way, your make-up will be refreshed.
In the end, if you want a “ rosy cheek” effect, apply a blush! Even when your skin looks tired, the blush can do wonders. It helps you to look fresh and contoures the cheekbones.

What do you say? Are you prepared to use this advices as part of your daily routine?


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